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How To Make A Man Want To Call You Back? 3 Cheeky Ways To Make A Guy Become Highly Addicted To You


Krista Hiles

How To Make A Man Want To Call You Back? 3 Cheeky Ways To Make A Guy Become Highly Addicted To You

If you really want a man to become so addicted to you that he will be desperate to call you back, you have to get a bit cheeky and playful with him. You see, the only true way to pull a man into endlessly desiring you, is to psychologically trigger that feeling through a certain set of techniques that will constantly make him curious about you. If a man is constantly curious about you, it means he is always left wanting more, thus, if you want to make a man call you back, use these 3 cheeky tricks to make a guy become highly addicted to you…..

Take On Something Different

To keep things interesting for him, AND you; take on a new activity or project that is different from your norm. If you don’t dance, learn to dance….or if you don’t swim, learn to swim etc…. This new activity can give you something to focus on, but it’s also something which can grab his interest, because it’s unpredictable for him.

If you suddenly become busy, he will wonder with what….and if he calls, you can say something like: “Can’t talk now, got something important, will tell you about it later”….and don’t call him for some time.

Then he will likely call you back again, in which case you can say “Oh, I am learning how to do X thing” and take it from there; or you can call him back after some time and tell him.

Either way, he will be wondering what it is, because all men give themselves some sort of importance; so he will be trying to weigh whatever it is that you are doing that you chose instead of him.

Either way, it will make him go nuts with curiosity. It will also give him the illusion that you have lots of surprises and things he doesn’t know about, which in turn makes him want to talk to you EVEN more just to learn about these things. Remember that men are drawn to women who they cannot instantly figure out.

Put Him In the Friends Zone

To tease him, start treating him like a buddy, instead of someone you are interested in. This drives men nuts, because it confuses them. One minute you are showing interest, the next you are taking it away and are throwing him into the friends’ zone.

This technique will instantly make a man want to prove that he is MORE than a buddy to you, and it will make him always feel as if he needs to do more and more to snag your affection beyond the friend level.

Make Him Work Hard To Get Simple Things

This drives men nuts, and many will even get really irked when you do this….but let him, because it means he’s REALLY interested in you at that point, if it makes him irritated when he CAN’T get something from you. If he gets irritated, just get playful with him, and say something like:

“Oh….I didn’t know you cared about me that much. That’s so sweet. You’re turning out to be a great buddy already.”

Source by Krista Hiles


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