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The chemicals we leave behind (video)


WASHINGTON, Sept. 7, 2017 — Everything we use is made out of chemicals. So it’s not surprising that we pick up a lot of foreign molecules from what we bump into all the time, from our multivitamins to the gas we put in our cars. Scientists are now starting to track these everyday chemicals in ways that could be helpful in health and forensic sciences. Learn how in this video from Speaking of Chemistry: https://youtu.be/P7w40AAM1vM.


Speaking of Chemistry is a production of Chemical & Engineering News, the weekly newsmagazine of the American Chemical Society. It’s the series that keeps you up to date with the important and fascinating chemistry shaping the world around you. Subscribe to the series at http://www.youtube.com/cenonline, and follow us on Twitter @CENMag.

The American Chemical Society, the world’s largest scientific society, is a not-for-profit organization chartered by the U.S. Congress. ACS is a global leader in providing access to chemistry-related information and research through its multiple databases, peer-reviewed journals and scientific conferences. ACS does not conduct research, but publishes and publicizes peer-reviewed scientific studies. Its main offices are in Washington, D.C., and Columbus, Ohio.

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