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Pest Control Profits 1 | How to Start a Pest Control Business


Product Name: Pest Control Profits 1 | How to Start a Pest Control Business

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I don’t know what your reasons are for wanting to start your own pest control business; you might hate your current job, you might hate working for the man, you might feel like your job is going nowhere, maybe you want to start building a business for yourself for a change,  or maybe you already have a service business and you want to start offering pest control services to your customers.

Whatever your reason is, what I can tell you is that pest control is an awesome business to get into.

Here are just a few of the reasons pest control is such a great business…

The strategies that I’m going to teach you in this course are stupid simple, they work, and they will bring you a lot of business if you simply do what I tell you.

I got into pest control in a weird way…

I used to work at Walmart. I was a lawn and garden associate and I put together barbecue grills for 8 hours a day, unless the front was busy and they needed me to be a cashier.

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about the person actually ringing you up when you buy something at the store, but you’re the probably the 300th person they’ve had to deal with that day… The people that do that for years and make a career out of it are amazing… I don’t know how they do it.

And I knew that I couldn’t do it.

I couldn’t stand working at a set hourly rate.

I couldn’t stand my boss ordering me around like I was his 4 year old kid. He would tell me to do something ridiculous and then walk away with a smug little smirk on his face because he knew that I couldn’t do anything about it… he was the boss.

Some friends of mine were in sales, and while they did have managers, they basically worked when they wanted to. Finally, they talked me into quitting my job and giving sales a shot.

Once I kind of got the hang of things, I liked sales. The money was good, I could work when I wanted to, and there wasn’t someone constantly ordering me around.

I also loved working on commission, and before long I was looking at other companies trying to figure out where I could get paid the most.

Over the next few years, I moved around between 4 different sales jobs.

By that point, one of my friends was selling accounts for a pest control company. He kept telling me how much he was getting paid per sale, but he was also the friend that’s always telling you B.S. stories for some reason, so I never took him too serious.

One day I was at his house, and I saw one of his paychecks on the counter…

His paycheck was 3X more than mine…

Suddenly, I believed him.

Still I thought, “Pest control…. really?”

Within a few weeks I had taken a sales job with his company.

We were getting paid a big % of each sale, and the best guys there were getting 4-6 sales a day. It was insane. These guys made car salesman and real estate agents look like the Salvation Army asking for spare change.

I was nowhere close to the best salesman, in fact, I was very average.

Still, just working a few hours a day with mediocre skills…

…I made more as a pest control salesman than any of my other sales jobs…

I had never made that kind of money, and I thought I was rich.

And I kept thinking I was rich, until one day we had a company BBQ at the owners house. Once again, when I saw this guys house I thought, “pest control… really?”

It was amazing. At that moment it made perfect sense that he was making a boatload of cash, because how else was he paying us salesman so much money?

The wheels in my head started turning, and I decided right then and there that I was going to start my own pest control business.

The next Monday at work, I started paying very close attention to how “the business” worked: I would ask technicians how to treat this, and how to treat that, I asked the receptionists how billing worked, how accounts came in, where the forms came from, etc, etc.

Once I started paying close attention to the sales and revenue reports, I noticed something that seemed pretty weird: the market segment that was by far the most profitable got the smallest percentage of our marketing budget.

I’m not a Harvard graduate or anything, but it seemed like to me that you would start paying more attention to the most profitable market segment.

I decided that when I started my own pest control business, my business would focus solely on that market.

To make a long story short, my partners and I went on to do exactly that, it worked out great, and to this day, 90% of pest control companies still don’t focus on this “secret market”.

The Pest Control Profits System Will Work Anywhere…

Here’s a little story just to prove to you that this system will work anywhere:

Back to my personal story for a minute, my first pest control venture was with three other partners in Birmingham, Alabama.

If you’re not from the South, pest control is basically like electricity: almost everyone already has a pest control service.

What I’m saying is that there is a TON of pest control companies, and a TON of competition.

My partners and I started a brand new company, so we knew for a fact no one had ever seen our logo, or heard of our company name.

We started selling and servicing accounts in May that year, and we focused only on the “secret market segment” that I mentioned earlier.

By the end of August that year, we had several thousand accounts on the books- new accounts in a saturated market. And these were yearly contracts- not just one-time services.

That probably sounds ridiculous to you… and it is.

But when you run your pest control business using the methods I’ll show you in this course, the amount of business you can generate in a short amount of time is ridiculous.

Here’s what you’re going to learn in this course…

The Pest Control Profits course is broken up into 6 modules:

Module 1:  An Overview of the Pest Control Profits System

Module 1 is an overview of what the Pest Control Profits system is, and what the differences are between the Pest Control Profits system, and traditional pest control companies.

The great part is, that even traditional pest control businesses make a lot of money, simply because there’s such a high profit margin on pest control services, and it’s something that a lot of people and businesses need.

When you take those profit margins, and apply the techniques in this program, as well all the other secret tips and tricks to you’ll learn, you quickly see the huge potential.

In this module you’ll learn:

Module 2: Getting Started

Module 2 takes you through the first steps of setting up your pest control business. This module covers how to price your services, even if don’t any experience in pest control.

You’ll learn how to price the different kind of services, and how to talk about price to customers in a natural way that will get them focused on the value, instead of the price.

This module also covers the best ways to get start up money, and how to establish your business identity.

In this module you’ll learn:

Module 3: Making It Official

Module 3 guides you through the legal necessities of setting up your own business, and some things that you’ll need specifically for a pest control business.

This module also covers how to set up the administrative parts of your business so that all of those accounts and all of that money coming is easier to deal with.

In this module you’ll learn:

Module 4: Providing the Service

Module 4 teaches you everything you’ll need to know about actually providing the services. This module goes over what type of equipment you’ll need, what products to use, and how to actually perform pest control services.

Like I said, this course will teach you everything you need to know to start your own pest control business, even if you don’t have nay experience in the industry.

In this module you’ll learn:

Module 5: The Money Module

Module 5 is where you’re going to learn how to get a lot of accounts very quickly.

Any savvy business owner knows that simply hanging up your shingle doesn’t exactly open the floodgates of revenue: it’s all about marketing.

The marketing techniques in this course are proven, they work extremely well, and the simple concepts you’ll apply to your whole business are things that almost none of your competition is doing.

In this module you’ll learn:

Module 6: Putting It All Together

Module 6 will guide you through putting all of this information together so that you can get started setting up your business and getting new accounts fast.

This module shows you have to manage routes, keep customers happy, and the steps to take to get started.

In this module you’ll learn:

“…for that I thank you deeply…”

I just recently purchased your course which I truly appreciate. I previously worked for a pest control franchise and I learned an invaluable amount of info and was even able to secure plenty of funding for my own operation. Despite all of my knowledge and training in the industry I was still missing a few things which your course provided completely. For that I thank you deeply. Thanks again for sharing such valuable information.

“The course was awesome…”

I would like to thank you for all the great information you provide in your course. I decided to start a pest control business, but have no experience in the field and did not know where or how to start. I found your site on the web and thought for the low cost of your course it was worth the risk. Boy was I surprised!

The course was awesome. It tells you everything you need to know to get a pest control business up and running and then tells you how to make it successful and profitable. I have since talked to several people who are professional pest control operators, and they confirmed that all of the information in this course is dead-on accurate.

Thanks Nate for this great resource.

“…the results have been amazing…”

…and in the 6 years we’ve been in business, we’ve always used the traditional marketing methods like yellow pages, flyers, billboards, city benches, and stuff like that. I bought your course strictly for the marketing methods… and the results have been amazing.

Some of those techniques have been so effective yet so simple, it’s embarrassing none of us ever thought of some of them. Thanks again.

Here’s How This Works…

After many requests, we’ve set this up as a membership site, instead of just a static ebook. Our customers kept requesting more interactivity and ongoing resources, so we made the change

Here’s what you’ll get with your membership:

Look- I don’t like big sales pitches, and I’m sure you don’t.

Whether you’re just thinking about starting a pest control business, or you’re already a pest operator that is looking to increase your sales and customer-base, this is the best information anywhere on how to do everything from starting a new pest business from scratch, to dramatically increasing your sales through my proven techniques.

I want to make this easy for you, and I’m a big believer in over-delivering value.

Even just ONE new sale will pay for the cost of this course…

Reasons This is a No-Brainer

You will have LIFETIME ACCESS to the members area.

Once your purchase is complete, you’ll be able to login instantly to the Pest Control Profits Members Area.

The modules and information are all web-based, so you don’t need any special software whatsoever.

Instant access to the course modules – Even at 2 am

All Major Credit Card, Paypal, and Online Checks Accepted
Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

100% Money Back Guarantee

Once you purchase the course and study the modules, if you don’t think that the course membership is worth your money, then you will get a no-questions-asked refund.

We have an extremely high customer satisfaction and retention rate, and we very rarely have refund requests or cancels, simply because we provide such high-value material to our members. But, I don’t want you paying for something that you don’t feel is 100% worth your money. If you don’t feel that the membership is a tremendous value, simply request a refund. Our payments are processed by Clickbank Inc, the largest online retailer of digital goods, so your purchase is safe and secure, and if you decide to cancel, you can do easily do so with one click of a button.

Instant access to the course modules – Even at 2 am

All Major Credit Card, Paypal, and Online Checks Accepted
Order 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

I sincerely want to help you get your business started, up and running, and profitable. Running your own profitable business is an amazing feeling.

If you’re on the fence, just try the program out; read through the modules, ask me any questions you have inside the members area. I personally respond to all emails from customers.

I want you join the Pest Control Profits member program because I know without a shadow of a doubt that it’s going to answer every question you have about how to start a pest control business, and how to make your business extremely profitable.

I’ll see you on the inside.

PS- While the strategies in this course have worked for many business owners, I cannot and do not guarantee any level of success. There are obviously too many factors that depend on you, the business owner. While I believe the strategies in this course are a “better way” of running a pest control business, it is still a business and will rely on your own hard work and persistence to implement the strategies laid out in this course. I am in no way claiming that you’ll “get rich quick” with just a little bit of work.


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