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Sell your photos and videos online — Microstock Guru


Product Name: Sell your photos and videos online — Microstock Guru

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If a webmaster wants to insert a photo like this one in a page, he won’t have to pay a model, find a location and spend a few hours to shoot. He will just have to buy that image from microstock like Shutterstock and Adobe Stock.

Stock images are not just about people, but they also portray subjects like: food, cities, jobs, animals. A huge market for a world that communicates with photos.

Please, think about these:

How much can I make with stock images and stock footage?

It depends on you. It often takes weeks to have the first sale. If today I bring home what I need to live it’s because I worked hard to do it, and unfortunately you have to work hard too to make money.

Why should I buy a course if I already know how to take a picture?

Sales are influenced by the technical quality of the content, but you also need to learn what kind of stock images and stock footage to produce, and you can do that if you study microstocks search engines and you use some online tools I explain in my course.

Because you can watch for free 4 videos I created to start learning what to do to make money. Those videos are my business card and I’m sure after watching them you’ll understand I’m not the kind of guru who tries to convince you to buy his products by showing a swimming pool in his background.

Why did you choose this price?

Because it took me months to create it and because you can make a lot more money after watching it. I know that online there are people that sell what they can call a video-course, but that looks more like a voice over commenting on text slides. My course is different, and I can prove it if you watch my 4 free videos.

Lesson 1 (7.47) – Introduction to the market.

Lesson 2 (10:43) – How to use microstock search engines to sell more.

Lesson 3 (7:03) – How to find a profitable niche.

Lesson 4 (15:14) – How to shoot a big city.

Lesson 5 (16:11) – How to shoot a small town.

Lesson 6 (17:15) – How to create a time-lapse.

Lesson 7 (7:48) – What to do before editing your time-lapse photo sequences.

Lesson 8 (10:21) – How to edit a time-lapse photo sequence.

Lesson 9 (10:20) – How to create the tilt shift effect in a time-lapse.

Lesson 10 (6:08) – Common mistakes of videos with the tilt shift effect.

Lesson 11 (23:16) – How to create a hyper lapse.

Lesson 12 (10:51) – How to correct flicker from your time-lapse.

Lesson 13 (11:55) – The secrets of real-time shooting.

Lesson 14 (6:24) – How to organize your files to avoid problems when uploading in microstocks.

Lesson 15 (7:02) – How to convert videos.

Lesson 16 (19:46) – How to create stock footage with Adobe Premiere.

Lesson 17 (11:20) – How to create stock footage with Final Cut Pro 7.

Lesson 18 (8:37) – How to create stock footage with Final Cut Pro X.

Lesson 19 (14:54) – Technical requirements of images and footage on microstocks.

Lesson 20 (10:39) – What are the best microstocks.

Lesson 21 (9:31) – The secrets of Storyblocks/Videoblocks.

Lesson 22 (10:04) – The secrets of Pond5.

Lesson 23 (8:28) – The secrets of Shutterstock.

Lesson 24 (11:44) – How to describe and keyword stock images and stock footage on Pond5.

Lesson 25 (9:48) – How to describe and keyword stock images and stock footage on Shutterstock.

Lesson 26 (9:28) – How to transfer descriptions and keywords from Pond5 to Shutterstock and Storyblocks.

Lesson 27 (6:41) – The best mindset to make more money.

Here I was in Berlin in 2013. In that period you only need to tour the city with your camera in 3 days to bring home thousands of euro of royalties. Today things have changed, because the competition increased and producers who improvise earn only cents.

If you think you already know everything about producing stock images and stock footage you’ll lose a lot of money: Storyblocks pays 43 dollars for a single sale of HD stock footage, and I earn every month on that Agency more than what my course costs.

If you want to sell your stock images and stock footage, please take a look at the free content I created for this website, but:


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