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Based on the global bestselling novel by Sylvia Day. Businesswoman Gianna Rossi is determined to be successful in her new job, but when her ex lover Jackson Rutledge waltzes back into her life, their passionate connection ignites not only in the boardroom, but the bedroom. Coming November 3, 2017.

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  1. Am sorry, this trailer doesn't look good or do the book justice. Seems so low budget/ soap opera acting ( Did you see the slap scene) . Would have been better off on lifetime. I really hope these same people don't turn crossfire series into a movie because they would ruin it.

  2. This is the second book I have seen turned into a movie by the new app – passionflix and they both look so low budget and full of bad acting. I have seen Youtube series with better quality & acting. The chemistry displayed in the book is no where present on screen. This falls under the category of, if you can't do it well, just leave it alone. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE THE CROSSFIRE SERIES TO THEM!

  3. Watched the movie on Passionflix today. It was okay. I've listened to the Audiobook version of this book several times and loved Amy McFadden and the personality/sass she gave the characters and their dialog, so it was hard to not get irritated when certain lines weren't given the same amount of energy or passion but I still enjoyed the film. I'm interested to see how this film company does with other romance books as well.

  4. There's a song in the movie. But I can't find it on the internet. It goes like: Even if it takes all night, even if it takes all night. I'm gonna find a reason, gonna find a reason. Try to tell me this isn't right, tell me this isn't right. I'm gonna make you feel it, gonna make you feel it.  

    Does anyone know what song this is???

  5. This movie was so good! loved the smart strong personalities of the women. The acting was great, the guy was a bit on the dry/cool side, but that was part of the character and made him hotter, his gestures were so mmmm….; I was surprised for a low budgeted movie it was better than i expected and way better than 50 shades

  6. I watched the movie. It is great:) However, I cannot find one song from the movie. Does anyone know the title of the song when Gia receives chocolates and recalls “moments” with Jax? It’s about 17 minute or so , help plz. This song is so hot!


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