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PITCHFORK Trailer (2017) Horror Movie


Pitchfork Trailer – 2017 Horror Movie
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About Pitchfork:
A group of friends return home with a friend to help him share a secret only to learn that sometimes older secrets are even more deadly.



  1. I just hate how independent film makers are killing the horror genre. You must be on crack to think of making something like this. This isn't the only movie its the rest of these idiots making cheap horror flicks. Is this a market everyone is getting into for fast money?? its ridiculous. If i owned Red box i would feel ashamed accepting these kind of movies.

  2. I wonder how much they paid "critics" for this? It has to be one of the shittiest horror movies I've seen in a while, even for a shitty Z grade horror movie. I love dumb C horror movies (even more after few beers), but this was inept on literally every possible level.

  3. Y'all a bunch of bitches TBH. What make the great horror movies great was because they were diamonds amongst the dirt. This has been the horror movie franchises since the beginning. People still talk about Psycho, but no-one talks about bloodthirsty butchers anymore.

  4. Wow every generation has its monster. They're really trying to make this Pitchfork goose into a Freddy Kruger or Jason even Michael Myers … But failed miserably in the process. Yes every generation has its Monster, but this Pitchfork will never ever even come close to what it's claiming to be.

  5. Eveybody is saying this is stupid but i just. Finished whatching the movien and it was actualy better than anabelle chuky and any horror movie i i dont know about u guys but i give it a 10,0000πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—

  6. All these fuck tards in the comment section really need a butcher knife in them. It looks beautifully shot. The killer looks awesome. You're all calling it cliche and predictable, yet it has a final boy who is gay. When has that ever happened? Usually it would be the Laurie Strode type girl. The group of friends are supposed be wild and stereotypical, have you assholes ever seen the characters from Friday the 13th and Halloween? Also, there are fucking bad slasher movies that came out long ago and they became classics. And people like me enjoy and love them because we're not stuck up movie snobs like you. You're all clearly not horror slasher fans and probably masturbate to that lame Harry Potter, Star wars and Maze Runner shit. Or you're just a terrible horror fan who likes that boring ass Blair Witch Project and Paranormal activity movies. And like you fuckers could do better? Where's your award winning film at? Message me when you come up with a horror movie that has a plot that has never been used before and it becomes bigger than the classic Halloween. So shut the fuck up.

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  8. Okay lol Ive come to the conclusion on why ppl watch movies like this. Its only because they dont wanna watch something thats too scary to the point they cant sleep at night. They want something to laugh at, and be able to tell their friends Yeah, I watch horror movies. I watched one last night Just so they wont feel out of place lol Im open to watch any horror movie, but this is a big NO NO and dont hit me with Back in the 80s slasher movies was like this. You millennials are soooo stupid ….Ive watched them & the only ones I can really stay awake to are Halloween & Friday the 13th (starting from the NY one)

  9. I dont care what all the mean comments about this movie being crap say , I personally really like this movie a lot I just bought it a couple of days ago and I watched it like 1000 times it's better then some other movies , Don't care about the mean comments I love this movie I give it a 20/20


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