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Toy Story 3: Trailer


Toy Story 3 is available now! Click here to order: http://bit.ly/9DyXF3

Toy Story 3, now available on Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy.

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  1. 119 people have OBVIOUSLY never owned toys (actual toys) or even have really special toys.

    I have a close bond with my pink teddy bear. I'm 14 and I am not ashamed to admit that. My mom gave it to me ever since I was born and I will keep her forever.

  2. I love Toy Story, I really do. It's my favorite movie series ever. But I hope they don't make a fourth one, you know. I heard rumors about it, and there's no story to be told anymore.

  3. @RespektKaz That is a very exaggerated comment about *kindergarteners/first-graders*. I have family friends with grand children, and they are but no means obsessed with the television, cell phones, ipods, etc— they LOVE TOYS!!! — You must be talking about 13-year-olds and older.

  4. tom hanks said due to the big sucess on toy story 3!!!! a toy story 4 could be in works they were citing a possible release date 2013 november, 27th but pixar is not sure if they gonna do a sequel or an entirely new story line! well we gonna just have to wait in see!!!

  5. I can't even think about this movie without crying. I miss being a kid so much! Time goes by way too fast. It felt like just yesterday I was at the toy store buying my first woody doll. I'm 18 but I still feel like a kid. I'm not ready to grow up yet!


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