Home Video Walk Of Fame Official Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD

Walk Of Fame Official Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD


Walk Of Fame Trailer (2017) Scott Eastwood Comedy Movie HD [Official Trailer]
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  1. Watching this right now in wtf mode. It's awful. The trailer is great compared to the movie itself. It's the writing, not the actors…well not all of them. Overdone and underwhelming.

  2. Gees, just watched this whole movie – the worst, I mean the WORST ever ever ever! Makes no sense, the most terrible clichees, bad acting, jokes? what jokes? DON'T even think about watching this!!

  3. hes the next Chris Evans, sure he will get shit roles now and in a few years but im sure he will get bigger and better roles after 5 years time like Chris Evans.

  4. Ummm was literally just on Netflix when I was thinking wow this is a really bad movie but looks so familiar I wonder why… then I realized came back and I saw it on YouTube a few nights back lml

  5. This looks awful! Scott is too good for this! What is he doing? He deserves a lead role as he can really act. He was great in the Longest Ride, i loved that movie! Poor guy just needs to be given better roles!

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